Strategies & Techniques I use for​ coping with a stutter & how I feel when it happens

In this article, I will briefly explain the different techniques that I have incorporated into my everyday speech, why I want to get help with my fluency as well as discussing how it feels when I stutter.

At present, I am receiving weekly speech therapy from both the NHS and privately. At the moment, my mindset on my speech is negative. I would much rather not say anything at all, rather than attempting to say a word that I know I might stammer on.

Therefore, it is my therapist’s task to help change my mindset and to get me thinking more positively. I believe they can really help me build my confidence back up, as well as improving my fluency techniques.cant

The reason I have taken on regular speech therapy is primarily because I want to improve my confidence. Communication plays an important role in virtually every job. I need to improve my confidence when speaking, as I am enrolling in September on an MA Sports Journalism course at Salford.

In terms of fluency, I have always struggled to pronounce plosive sounds, particularly when starting a sentence. Also, I predominantly struggle with the bilabial plosive sounds, which are words that begin with /b/ and /p/.


I also particularly struggle with the bilabial nasal sound /m/ and the voiced labio-velar sound /w/.

Below are the techniques that I use when coping with my stutter.

Note: The techniques that I use are primarily bad habits and wouldn’t necessarily be recommended by a speech therapist. The techniques that I refer to are also not the scientific terms that a speech therapist would use:

  1. Adding extra words into a sentence in order to get round the word that I think I may stutter on in order to gain fluency.
  2. Avoidance/changing words in a sentence that I know I will be unable to say.
  3. Lying. Sometimes it is just easier to tell a little white lie.
  4. Pausing. This is the main technique that my speech therapists are trying to encourage.  When I stutter, I must stop immediately and not carry on trying to push the word out. When I stop, I must take a breath and try saying the word again.
  5. ‘Running up’. This is the technique that I use the most. I will use a sentence starter in order to get the fluency to say the word that I can’t.
  6. Talking faster. I have a tendency to rush my words in order to get them out when I think that I have fluency in spoken discourse.

Recently, I have turned down work experience opportunities to work at the Blackpool Gazette, as well as having opportunities at other regional newspapers, because I didn’t feel like I had the confidence to take part in spoken communication.

Every time that I stutter, my confidence drops just that little bit more.  This, especially happens when I have to talk in a situation with individuals who I don’t know. This could be, for example in an interview scenario, ordering food at a restaurant, or even just talking with friends. When someone is unable to decipher what I am trying to say, my confidence drops dramatically.

My confidence is currently at an all time low. However, I am hopeful that – with the help of my speech therapists and encouragement from friends and family – I can turn this around and in the long term boost my confidence back up to where it needs to be!






  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one. Currently in my 3rd year of medical school (rotations) and have had difficulty with maintaining a steady level of confidence throughout my days, especially on particularly bad speech days. I’ve found I stutter more when I’m elevated (mood-wise) or if I need to say something with particular emphasis to get my point across or if I know exactly what I need to say at a later point in the conversation (the build-up anxiety). Ie my name. Been seeing therapists since I was in 1st grade, went to a fluency shaping program in 11th and did group therapy in undergrad. Would love to chat about it sometime, hmu

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, yeah I completely understand that. I can’t however hit you up as I can’t get on your profile or find your e-mail. Give my blog & follow & drop me an email if you want to have a chaat


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