Family traumas which have recently affected me and my disability

Sadly, on the 15th December 2017 my Dad, Ray Whitaker aged 63 passed away.

dad 4

My Dad, similarly to me had a stroke four years ago, which paralysed his left side. Sadly, he was not able to make any sort of recovery and was left wheel chair bound.

As a result of being in hospital the doctors discovered from X-Rays that Dad had developed lung cancer. Dad battled his cancer and had regular chemo and radiotherapy.

In September 2017 we got the news that his cancer had spread and was terminal. Dad insisted he wanted to continue having regular therapy in order to try & fight the illness, but sadly this was not successful.

Dad eventually lost his fight to cancer on the 15th December, and was cremated at Carleton Crematorium on the 29th December.

I have so many fond memories of my Dad. I think its fair to say that I am still grieving and will be for a long time to come.

7 weeks later we got the news that my Dad’s Mum, Bessie Whitaker had sadly passed away at the age of 94. She had also suffered from having a stroke and had, had dementia for many years.

It is my Nanna’s funeral on the 23rd February 2018 where she will be laid to rest with her husband (who was also called Alec) and now son, Ray. I know attending the funeral will bring back all of the emotion I suffered on the 29th December. This will be another extremely challenging and upsetting time.

I have lost a part of me with losing my Dad. I’m sure I am not the person I was before and I believe that my personality is certainly not the same.

At present, I seem to be grieving not only emotionally but also physically with the trauma of losing my Dad and then Nanna.

The loss of these family members has significantly affected my fluency of speech and confidence. Recently, I have struggled sleeping and fatigue has always been a factor of my disability. I’m finding that this in particular has affected my disability even more with the way I walk.



  1. This is actually so touching🙁there’s nothing I love more than reading your articles and the passion that you put into them! You’re so resilient and a lovely lad! You’re such a role model❤️

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